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Perfect and Burst Binding

2 Perfect / Burst Binding machines to service short and long run work: Muller Martini Acoro 5 - Collates, Perfect / Burst Binds and Trims in line. Horizon BQ-470 - For short run Perfect/Burst Binding. The Machines are capable of using both EVA And PUR hot-melt adhesive. Perfect Binding and Burst Binding are both hot melt adhesive processes. The difference is in the spine preparation. Burst Binding requires the spine to be notched, which is done during the folding process using a speci ...


2 Fully Programmable Guillotines. We prefer to pre-cut Covers and Sections supplied for folding, to ensure the best results with line-ups, centering, multi concertina and double gate folds. To ensure the best results all lay and grip edges should be clearly marked. Where line ups are required, stock should be guillotined on all four edges before printing. Mill cut stock can cause variation. SPECIFICATIONSLargest Width : 1150mm


A range of 7 Folding machines, of various sizes, capable of performing many tasks. 

Section folding for booklets or books •    4pp, 6pp, 8pp, 12pp, 16pp, 24pp and 32pp Burst folding. Brochure folding.( 2 up or 3 up is a specialty for those long runs ) Concertina folding to 9 Concertinas Gate-folding Pharmaceutical Folding No matter what the complexity of the work from multiple concertina folding to 32pp A5 book sections, it can be produced with speed and efficiency. Important poin ...


4 Fully Automatic High Speed Saddle-Stitching machines, capable of running the smallest and longest jobs. Collate Stitch and Trim 8 sections & Cover in one pass. Cover Folder feeders for Scoring, Folding and Feeding in line. Small size capabilities 2 up work is a specialty for the long runs Crash folding can be done as an in-line process while saddle-stitching, or separately on the folding machines or on our specialty off-line Crash folder. Fold Out 6pp & 8pp Covers a Specialty ...

Wiro/Double Loop Binding

Wiro / Double Loop binding features a continuous double series of wire loops inserted in punched holes along the binding edge of a book. Ideal application for any publication that must lie flat, such as road atlases, calendars and teacher manuals. Compression problems, which can result in misaligned pages, are avoided with wiro. It allows back to back folding without damage. Punching and Binding systems are available for your wiro / double loop requirements. With our other services we can p ...

Die Cutting, Scoring and Creasing

Two Heidelberg Cylinders are available to service your die cutting and creasing requirements Die cutting for Presentation covers and other cut work Multiple Creasing and Perforating SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Size : 650mm Deep X 910mm Wide Minimum Size : 110mm Deep X 160mm Wide


We operate numerous specialty gluing systems enabling us to complete many gluing tasks. Spine Gluing - 8pp, 12pp & 16pp Specialty Gluing - for closed folders or pockets in folders Fold and Glue for Direct Mail (See Diagram below) Gluing suitable for Direct Mail Specialty Covers A MOLL gluing folding machine produces the specialty board products, glued and folded such as : Presentation Covers Pocket Files Wallets The following should be noted: Min 15mm Glue Fl ...

Calendar Rimming

We can supply cut rims, made to order, or provide the complete rimming finish to your Calendar or rimmed booklet. SPECIFICATIONS RIMS - Up to 600mm RIMMING - Up to 600mm and 13 leaves


Welcome to McPherson Binding

McPherson Binding Pty Ltd was established in 1979, to fill the demand for folding and saddle-stitching services in the inner Sydney region. Over the years, the company has recognised the need to bring together the different facets of the print finishing industry. The company can now offer the most comprehensive print finishing service in NSW.


About McPherson Binding

About Mcpherson BindingOur quality is based on skilled employees, a strong Quality Control system and modern automated production machinery. However, there are a number of important factors which will assist us in utilising our equipment to your best advantage from a quality, timing and pricing perspective.


As with printing, the most important part of any finishing process is planning. It has often been said that "printing design should start with the finishing", to avoid any nasty surprises when it comes time to actually mechanically produce what has been designed. Planning ahead will save you money and improve the turnaround time.We urge you to refer to this website carefully when planning your next job. if you have any queries please contact us for advice.


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