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Traditional Bookbinding is a centuries old craft. Using tread sewing and cold melt animal based glues the books held tight and the glue adhered. Not much could go wrong if you followed the procedures in the craft of bookbinding.

Then the hot melt Bookbinding machines were introduced. More recently using hot melt glue with a base of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (also known as EVA). This was the best method to bind books and the glue never failed. I have hot melt glue books 25 years old and they are still intact.


What Is Perfect Binding And Burst Binding

Perfect Binding and Burst Binding are both hot melt adhesive processes.

The difference between Perfect Binding and Burst Binding is in the spine preparation. Burst Binding requires the spine to be notched, done during the folding process using a special burst notching attachment. During the binding process the glue penetrates the notches into the centre of the section.

In the Perfect Binding process the spine is milled off and the book is bound as single leaves. Perfect Binding is performed by milling off the spine and then notching the spine for the adhesive to flow into the spine paper fibers.