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A range of 7 Folding machines, of various sizes, capable of performing many tasks. 

Section folding for booklets or books

•    4pp, 6pp, 8pp, 12pp, 16pp, 24pp and 32pp

Burst folding.

Brochure folding.( 2 up or 3 up is a specialty for those long runs )

  • Concertina folding to 9 Concertinas
  • Gate-folding Pharmaceutical Folding

No matter what the complexity of the work from multiple concertina folding to 32pp A5 book sections, it can be produced with speed and efficiency.

Important points to consider when planning your next job:

  1. When folding for saddle stitching there must be an allowance for a 10mm feeding lap on the high folio pages.
  2. All lay edges should be clearly marked. Printing lay and position of print on sheets should be uniform on all sections.
  3. All sheets for folding are best delivered untrimmed.
  4. Where line ups are required, stock should be guillotined on all four edges before printing. Mill cut stock can cause variations.
  5. Gate-folding - we will attempt to make the gap as small as possible depending on the stock being folded. A gap less than 5mm cannot be guaranteed but may be attainable.
  6. Please advise of line ups on sections and brochures when requesting a quotation.
  7. Lay and Grip on a 32pp or 16pp section is to be diagonally opposite the lowest folio number.
  8. Lay and Grip on a 8pp section – Grip to the lowest folio number – lay opposite.
  9. Lay and Grip for 12pp and 24pp – This varies according to how the sections are folded. The size and stock determine the optimum fold and layout. Please phone for layout.


Minimum Sheet Size: 80mm Wide X 80mm Deep

Maximum Sheet Size: 760mm Wide X 1400mm Deep

Maximum paper stock GSM for Section Folding:

Max GSM Min GSM Notes
32pp 120 65 With variations in layouts, heavier GSM is possible
16pp 150 65 First fold must be with the grain


65 First fold must be with the grain 10mm min Head trim
4pp 170 60 >170 GSM requires pre scoring
Covers 300 130 >300 GSM requires pre scoring

The many varieties of papers and boards and the various GSM’s, requires that care be taken in choosing paper and board types:

  1. Paper and board with full ink coverage could result in cracking on the fold.
  2. Boards and paper with UV Varnish should always be creased to minimise cracking.
  3. Paper and board stocks with the fold running with the grain minimises cracking.
  4. Paper and board with Reflex Blue or heavy ink coating must be sealed. We will not accept responsibility for scuffing on these uncoated stock.
  5. Laminated paper and board will need to be pre-creased.
  6. Mark Lay and Grip on all Pallets.

NOTE: It may be possible to work outside of these guidelines. Please phone for advice.

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