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Perfect and Burst Binding


2 Perfect / Burst Binding machines to service short and long run work:

  • Muller Martini Acoro 5 - Collates, Perfect / Burst Binds and Trims in line.
  • Horizon BQ-470 - For short run Perfect/Burst Binding.
  • The Machines are capable of using both EVA And PUR hot-melt adhesive.

Perfect Binding and Burst Binding are both hot melt adhesive processes. The difference is in the spine preparation. Burst Binding requires the spine to be notched, which is done during the folding process using a special burst notching attachment. During the binding process the glue penetrates the notches into the centre of the section. With Perfect Binding, the spine is milled off and prepared in the binding process and the book is bound as single leaves.

Our Acoro 5 Perfect Binder incorporates the latest features including keyboard entry set-up and "Section Scanners". These scanners reduce waste and errors by rejecting books being bound with duplicate sections. An extra quality function.

PUR Adhesive Application is now possible on both of our binders. PUR lasts longer than EVA hot-melt and cold-emulsion adhesives, it stands up to extreme temperatures better, and holds difficult coated papers and boards. PUR is considered the strongest bookbinding adhesive on today's market.

  1. The following points should be considered when planning your next job:
    Specialty Covers ( pockets, foldouts and 6pp and 8pp covers) can all be bound. Contact us for advice at quote stage to allow for our specialty techniques
  2. If folded sections are supplied and do not have the correct burst bound notches, Perfect Binding is recommended.
  3. Burst Binding can only be successfully achieved with 4pp, 8pp, 12pp and 16pp sections. 24pp and 32pp sections may cause problems.
  4. 4pp and 2pp loose leaf sections should be avoided as the first and last page
  5. Cover grain direction should run parallel to the spine.
  6. Covers should be a minimum of 5mm longer at the head and tail, than the folded sections, to allow cover positioning and full glue cover. Failing to do this results in glue on the spine.
  7. Feeding laps on sections are not required for perfect and burst binding. (Except with Section Sewn, Soft Cover books. Please phone for advice. )
  8. If painting, laminating or coating the inside covers, the print, laminate or coating should finish minimum 6mm from the spine, front and back.
  9. Type margins should be set a minimum of 10mm from the spine.
  10. If text stock is coated, laminated, varnished or has heavy ink coating into the spine, no guarantee can be given to the long term holding power. Adhesives break down when mixed with heavy ink coatings or varnished coated text stock.
  11. PUR adhesive is recommended for all coated stocks.


Minimum Trim Size: 140mm X 105mm
Maximum Trim Size:

Minimum Untrimmed Size: 145mm X 105mm
Maximum Untrimmed Size: See SPINE table below
Minimum Cover Feeder Size: 145mm X 208mm
Maximum Cover Feeder Size: 375mm X 640mm
Minimum Cover Feeder Stock:
130 GSM
Maximum Cover Feeder Stock:
350 GSM

Minimum Head, Tail & Fore-edge Trim
3 mm
Maximum Head, Tail & Fore-edge Trim
25 mm


Height (mm) Width (mm) Spine
220 320
230 310
240 305
250 295
260 290
270 280
280 275
290 268
300 260
310 255
320 250
330 250
340 250
350 250
360 250
370 250

NOTE: It may be possible to work outside of these guidelines. Please phone for advice.

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