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Saddle Stitching

4 Fully Automatic High Speed Saddle-Stitching machines, capable of running the smallest and longest jobs.

  • Collate Stitch and Trim 8 sections & Cover in one pass.
  • Cover Folder feeders for Scoring, Folding and Feeding in line.
  • Small size capabilities
  • 2 up work is a specialty for the long runs
  • Crash folding can be done as an in-line process while saddle-stitching, or separately on the folding machines or on our specialty off-line Crash folder.
  • Fold Out 6pp & 8pp Covers a Specialty ( Phone in planning stage)
  • Mini Size Books 50 X 50 mm or less are possible if planned correctly.

The following points should be considered when planning your next job:

  1. A feeding lap of a minimum of 5mm and ideally 10mm on the high folio pages.
  2. Do not pre-crease covers as this can be done in-line with most cover stocks between 170GSM and 300GSM. With the varying types of board available, each situation is looked at individually, and the cover may require pre scoring. This can be arranged if required.
  3. Grain direction of board covers should run parallel with the spine to avoid cracking.
  4. Covers with solids should be laminated or sealed to avoid scuffing.
  5. When planning 2 up work, the double cut out is to be 6mm or 10mm.Please phone for advice.
  6. Web or pre-folded sections should be supplied flat on pallets or bundled, with end boards.
  7. Paper and board with Reflex Blue or heavy ink coating must be sealed. We will not accept responsibility for scuffing on these uncoated stocks.
  8. When doing layouts for Saddle-stitched books greater than 32pp, consideration should be given to image creep. This particularly applies when the image requires bleeds on the fore-edge.
  9. Double Saddle stitched Books i.e. with 2 separately stitched books inside one cover, can be completed. Please contact to ensure correct layout.


Deep Wide
Standard Mechanical Sizes
Minimum Trim Size: 148mm X 90mm
Maximum Trim Size: 420mm X 300m
Minimum Untrimmed Size: 155mm X 90mm
Maximum Untrimmed Size: 450mm X 315mm
Attainable Sizes with pre-planing
Minimum Trim Size: 105mm X 75mm
Minimum Untrimmed Size: 120mm X 90mm
Standard Mechanical Size
Min Cover Feeder Size Flat: 155mm X 180mm
Max Cover Feeder Size Flat: 425mm X 605mm
Minimum Cover Feeder Stock: 170gsm
Maximum Cover Feeder Stock: 280gsm
Maximum Thickness: Open 6mm
Minimum Feeding Lap: 3mm
Maximum Feeding Lap: 15mm
Preferred Feeding Lap: 10mm
Minimum Head, Tail&Fore-edge Trim: 3mm
Maximum Head, Tail and Fore-edge Trim: 50mm
2 UP
Minimum single finished size for 2 Up: 105mm X 80mm
Maximum single finished size for 2 Up: 210mm X 300mm
Minimum Staple Distances 2 Staples: 55m
Double Cut Sizes For 4th and 5th Knife: 6mm or 10mm

Please phone for advice on jobs for minimum and maximum sizes and for jobs outside the above ranges to ensure planning allows for mechanical production.
Mini Size Books 50 X 50 mm or less are possible if planned correctly. (Please phone for advice)

NOTE: It may be possible to work outside of these guidelines. Please phone for advice.

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